Why Climate Ready

CRE's holistic approach to a Climate Ready solution is based on progressive and innovative thinking. This approach leads to overall energy savings throughout an entire building as well as significant improvement in occupant comfort.
A Climate Ready solution developed by CRE react to external climatic conditions and respond to individual comfort levels for the occupants of a building. The solution will maximize an individual’s working and living conditions and reduce a building’s environmental impact now and for future developments.

The solution encompasses consideration of:

  • A building’s location including the geographical position, sun angles, reflected glare from other buildings and natural environment such as city or country
  • A building’s orientation and the glazed areas on different facades
  • Individual “WELL Being” requirements
  • Interior and exterior reflective surfaces
  • The architectural and design requirements of the building
  • Employee and tenant comfort levels
  • Use of high sustainable materials
  • PVC free components.

The results of our solutions are:

  • Overall reduction of external loads to the mechanical system of the building
  • Contribution to an overall reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Greater “WELL Being” for individuals creating a healthier and more productive environment
  • Significant improvement of floor space usage
  • Higher comfort levels for employees and tenants
  • Increasing building value
  • Efficient system integration reducing unnecessary interfaces
  • Less system components providing building developments with more flexibility and less maintenance requirements
  • Less points of failure give higher reliability with less “down time” and servicing hours, reducing overall costs
  • Climate Ready Engineering is a market leader in Occupant Comfort Management Solutions and provides a one-stop-shop Building Lifetime Service for active buildings of the future.
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