“Neil, I would like to provide you with some feedback on our experience to date.
From the onset of our enquiry, your team have delivered a consistent level of service whilst presenting a unified approach to your customers. Each one has worked in a professional manner in order to meet our requirements and exceed our expectations.
Please pass on appreciation to the rst of the team.”
Georgia Svourenos
Travel, Facilities & Adminiration Manager.

Watpac Construction

"Although I had minimal day to day interaction with the Climate Ready Engineering team in my past project, I always found that Neil or one of his team were available to meet a requirement or provide a timely response to any of our queries and needs. In addition, they were also available to meet with third party groups - clients, tenants and others when requested to demonstrate their system and how they best fit or accommodate that parties' needs. I would not hesitate to involve Climate Ready Engineering in my next project should their services be required.”   
Anthony Mayo
Design Manager
Watpac Construction. 

CPB Contractors

“When sophisticated, intelligently modelled and genuinely sustainable design initiatives are fundamental, CPB Contractors employ Climate Ready Engineering. I personally have worked with Neil Krotsch and team on a number of exceptional projects along the eastern seaboard and I can add that their enthusiasm towards design is echoed in the delivery and post-completion integration phases of the projects, character that’s fairly rare in large scale project life. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
Nick Dillon
Design & ESD Manager. 

Lend Lease

“Working with the Climate Ready Engineering team at Darling Quarter was refreshing and exciting. A strong customer focus combined with leading edge technology created a great outcome for all the stakeholders.”
Jeremy Thompson
Project Manager.

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Corporate Real Estate

“CRE’s solar shading systems provide comfort to tenants while significantly increasing the energy efficiency of the building. I’ve always found the team at CRE to be professional, knowledgeable and up to date with industry advancements.’
Mark Copeland
Property Manager for Barangaroo
Corporate Real Estate

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