• The Bond - 2007.  Automated external venetian blinds. View details
  • Darling Quarter - 2011. View details
  • No. 1 Bligh Street - 2011. Automated external venetian blinds within a ventilated facade with BMS integration. View details
  • Newington College - 2014. Two buildings. Automated venetian blinds, horizontal and vertical louvers. View details
  • ANZ Tower - 2014. Automated internal venetian blinds. View details
  • University of Queensland - 2014. Three buildings. Automated venetian blinds, sun tracking inclined glass louvres, vertical timber veneer louvres. View details
  • 8 Chifley Square - 2014. Automated internal roller blinds. View details
  • Deakin University - 2013. Automated venetian blinds.
  • Monash University - 2013. Automated venetian blinds.
  • Aquinas College - 2013. Automated venetian blinds.
  • Brisbane Supreme Court (QEII) - 2015. View details
  • 333 George Street - 2016. View details
  • Barangaroo - 2014 - 2016. Automated internal roller shades. View details.
  • Sofitel Hotel - 2015 - 2017. Automated roller shades on Level 34, bar area.

The Bond - Sydney

The Bond building located at 36 Hickson Road Sydney, was one of the first commercial buildings to incorporate a sophtisticated automated facade shading system.
380 External Venetian blinds were installed on the western building facade and are operated by the integrated Building Management System with additional programming response from wind and light sensors. The control system has been recently updated and comprises of:

  • 204 EB2-D motor controllers hard wired
  • Server with control panel and remote access.
    View The Bond Gallery

Darling Quarter - Sydney

The new headquarters of the Commonwealth Bank required several different shading systems with control requirements suited to each system. The atrium featured a specially designed Shading Tension System. The interior roller blinds were control integrated with the meeting room's audio visual equipment. When the equipment is activated the roller blinds lower. The glazing on western facade was fitted internally with timber venetian blinds which tilt in response to the exact position of the sun during the course of the day. The control system's sun tracking software enable individual timber blinds to operate in accordance with the sun's angle on a specific section of the facade.
The CRE Control System comprises of:

No.1 Bligh Street - Sydney

The elliptical shaped design of this building challenged the design and installation of the Specialty Venetian Blinds Shading System and control system within the double skin facade. The programming of the control system needed to take into account the entire building surrounds, in particular, the indirect solar glare and shadowing from neighbouring buildings. No. 1 Bligh Street received many accolades for achieving the first high performance ventilated facade with integrated automated venetian blinds.
The CRE Control System comprises of:

Newington College AJ Rae Centre's library and LRD Pyke science laboratory buildings - Sydney

The use of these buildings required two entirely different shading systems. The library's northern facade features vertical and horizontal louvres, while the northern science lab facades required Specialty Venetian Blinds installed within non ventilated closed cavity facades. The CRE control system for the louvres was concealed within the structural perimeter of the louvre shading system, providing easy access for maintenance while
The CRE Control System comprises of:

University of Queensland

CRE were involved with three buildings requiring control systems for solar shading systems.

AEB - Advanced Engineering Building
This building had to live up to its name and was constructed using the latest technologically advanced design, encompassing environmental and sustainable principles. The specially designed timber louvres shading the walkway to the auditorium required a control system to tilt the massive louvres vertically in response to the sun's postion on the facade. The roof incorporated automated glass louvres installed at a 45 degree angle to provide reflected internal light. And automated External Venetian Blinds with AMX local interfaced roller blinds complete the internal shading system requirements. View University of Queensland Gallery

The CRE Control System comprises of:

  • EB2-D motor controllers
  • Server with control panel and remote access.

GCI - Global Change Institute
This building incorporated automated external vertical louvres to provide internal shading.

The CRE Control System comprises of:

  • EB2-D motor controllers
  • Server with control panel and remote access.

LIB - Learning Innovation Building
The automated External Venetian Blinds shading system incorporated a CRE Control System comprises of:

  • EB2-D motor controllers
  • Server with control panel and remote access.

ANZ Tower - Sydney

The Sydney headquarters of the ANZ Bank is located at 161 Castereagh Street in Sydney. The integrated Building Management Control of 992 Specialty Venetian Blinds involved a linked system of 3 bays of venetians operating at one time with flexible programming for individual tenant floors. In addition, tenant facility managers have access to the blind control server to alter the operation of the blinds to provide a better working environment for employees.
The CRE Control System comprises of:

8 Chifley Square - Sydney

This unique, relatively small building established an innovative office design trend with the introduction of break out areas between office floors. The relaxation spaces are accessible for both tenants and visitors with a cafe facilities on each break out floor. Apart from the Roller Blind Shading Systems on each floor, these areas required a specially designed shading and control system to be installed within the massive H shaped structural framework of the building.
The CRE Control System comprises of:

Brisbane Supreme Court (QEII) - Queensland

This building's automation of 550 internal roller blinds reaches beyond the usual control of heat gain and solar glare. The CRE Control System meets the mechanical targets (HVAC) without jeopardising the critical operation requirements of the individual court rooms.
The CRE Control System comprises of:

  • 220 EB2-D Motor Controllers hard wired over 16 floors
  • Server with Head End and Control Panel
  • BMCS Integration
  • Winter mode - blinds are programmed to lower during the night below a specific temperature to isolate the area that will require heating, reducing the overall heating costs
  • AMX & AV integration in court rooms
  • Customised “In Session” Mode for court rooms. Provides individual operation of roller blinds for consistent comfort levels during the court proceedings.

333 George Street - Sydney

333 George Street is owned by Charter Hall Pty Ltd. The owners required an automated single and linked roller blind shading control system. The control system had to meet the strict targets of the building's mechanical system and any potential control requirements for individual tenants. CRE devised a flexible solution that caters to the building's various control demands now and in the future. 
The CRE Control System comprises of:

  • 235 EZ2-D / EZ4-D ZigBee WiFi controllers for 525 motors over 15 floors
  • BMCS Integration
  • AMX & AV Integration for individual tenants with supplementary A/C.

Barangaroo - Sydney

As part of the historic Hungry Mile precinct redevelopment, three impressive International Office Towers were built on the upper part of the Hickson Road foreshore. The buildings all feature dramatic facade embellishmemts which contribute to some extent heat gain and solar glare prevention whilst the automated internal single and linked roller blind shading system maximise control of solar heat and glare on the occupants. The control systems cater to specific tenant requirements on particular floors and particular towers. View Barangaroo Gallery

Sydney International Tower 1.  CRE Control System comprises of:

  • 617 EZ2-D ZigBee WiFi controllers for 1,191 motors over 48 floors
  • BMCS Integration
  • AMX & AV Integration for individual tenants with supplementary A/C
  • Automated control of external venetian blinds on podium levels 3 & 4.

Sydney International Tower 2. CRE Control System comprises of:

  • 831 EZ2-D ZigBee WiFi controllers for 2,200 motors over 41 floors
  • BMCS Integration
  • AMX & AV Integration for individual tenants.