Climate Ready® Zone Intelligence Unit (CR-ZIU) CR-ZIU is a user centred zone control system that offers intelligent comfort options. It incorporates the sopisticated ZIOS - Zone Intelligence Operation System - powered by Enigma. Enigma explained
Enigma acts like a brain. It is similar to a central nervous system that senses changing comfort factors and requests.
For further information download the CRE CR-ZIU Information brochure
For the full technical brochure download the CRE CR-ZIU Technical brochure 10.2018


  • Basic shading control with user override.
  • High performing shading control with sun tracking and facade performance.
  • Zone control including shading, cross ventilation, light, air conditioning etc.
  • Zone comfort optimization using Human Comfort Sensor.
  • Building performance tuning.



  • CR-CUBE - Segment Cluster Server. 
  • CR-CUBE + - CUBE + 6 x DI
                                        4 x DO. 
  • DUO - 2 motor controllers.
  • QUAD - 4 motor controllers. 
  • 6 DI - 6 channel dry contact input. 
  • 4 DO - 4 channel dry contact ouput.
  • AI4 - Analogue Input Module.
  • D12 - SI Digital Input Module.
  • D16 - Digital Input Module.
  • CR Intel-Drive Interface.


  • CR Zone Intelligence Operation System - ZIOS.​
  • Skills - BACnet
             - Sun Tracking
             - Facade performance
             - Over shadowing
             - Internal glare zones
    ​         - Intelligence.


  • One layer - Local ZIU Network zone.
  • Local Cluster - Local ZIU Network zone and multi segment zones. See illustration - CR-ZUI Cube
  • Family - Independent of location with ZIU CUBE and CR Cloud connecting all zones in cluster. See illustration - CR-ZUI Family


  • Enigma represents the latest machine and artificial intelligence.
  • Self learning algorithms assure intuitive operation of occupant management systems. 
  • Software aims to predict user comfort level expectations by using past condition preferences including:
    - internal and external light
    - temperature
    - glare
    - other environmental factors.


  • Open Wi-Fi hardware platform supports adaptable software algorithms.
  • Add on hardware connects to other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Scalable three dimensional system.
    1 Individual segments - add input, output, sensor, interfaces. 
    2 Local Cluster - incorporate all multiple ZUI CUBES to operate as one.
    3 Global Cluster - create global portfolio control network. 
  • Easy to add functionality.
  • Future proof system
    - unlimited cluster additions
    - incorporate new skills and languages
    - global or portfolio network via CR Cloud.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity means minimum installation requirements.
  • Fast access to CR CUBE Control platform.


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