About us

Climate Ready Engineering (CRE) was derived from the Engineering Division of Horiso, a well-established shading system manufacturer. The products and services provided by the Engineering Division were initially based around the standard Horiso products such as External Venetian Blinds, Rack Arm Systems, motorised louvres and custom specific solutions.

After delivering outstanding automation solutions to building owners for high-end buildings, the Engineering Division was asked to offer ongoing service for the installed components. During the same time various repeat clients required custom specific solutions which were partly outside the standard Horiso product portfolio.

The Engineering Division become known for their outstanding engineering capability as well as for their professional and reliable customer service. Once various major service agreements had been put in place and the team had been extended to cater for the ongoing construction and service requirements, the decision was made to separate the Engineering Division from the main company.
CRE Services Portfolio

What we deliver

Our high professional quality standards guarantee a delivery of products with exceptional durability and low maintenance.
The Climate Ready approach is reducing interfaces between Design, Development, Engineering and Project delivery. CRE is capable of delivering Turn-Key-Ready solutions including installation, ongoing service and support.
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Our future

CRE future developments will include:

  • Increasing CRE adaptations for buildings with design constraints.
  • Future Proof and User Centred Zone Intelligence Systems to significantly improve the comfort and well being of occupants.
  • Improving Zone Intelligence targeting new building developments, refurbishments and retrofits.
    For example, Heritage listed buildings will retain their inherent characteristics by the installiation of Climate Ready Wi-Fi motor controllers. These buildings will not require damaging building alterations with obtrusive cable runs.
  • Customised “Human Comfort” sensors will replace sensors which only measure actual weather and other environmental conditions. These will operate facade elements and alter air conditioning levels as a reaction to the individual's discomfort from:
    - light
    - solar glare
    - temperature
    - gas or odours.
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  • Data collection to initiate environmental change proposals.